My Story
I have always had a passion for travelling and I realized at a young age that nothing else would make me experience life more intensely then seeing the world. I have the soul of a nomad and an incredible need for discovery. I have never had other great needs in my life, because there is nothing by way of possessions that could give me the same satisfaction. After having lived in Jamaica for a couple of years, a new passion was created: to dedicate myself to exploring other cultures and influencing others to live outside the box; so take that well deserved trip you own and explore off the beaten path!! Today, I am a graduate with a degree in Public Services and have an established business as a Certified Travel Agent.  With those coupled equips me with that ambition, endurance, and understanding of the importance on setting your desires and dreams to become a reality.

Dubai 2016


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Important Disclosure

We are a full service travel agency that provides unique and tailored made travel experiences.  In order to provide excellent services the agency uses different forms of resources to satisfy the completion of your packages.   In the event of any cancellations which are no fault of the agency, a service fee of 25% will be deducted from any deposits.