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International Community Service Learning

& Cultural Experience

Think of the world as a global village.  What does it mean?  How can you contribute to making this vision a reality, and enjoy yourself while doing it?  Discover the world; discover yourself.  This is the mission of 1 Love Cultural Tours & Travel in St Thomas, Jamaica.
We bring together people and organizations to meet the challenges of globalization.  We identify appropriate community development projects in the parish of St Thomas; and then link these projects with people.  Our vision is to combine the various contributions of these participants and create international partnerships dedicated to self-reliant and sustainable development.  

Welcome to Jamaica

We will be living in the parish of St. Thomas, in South Eastern Jamaica
Near the capital city (Kingston)
Experience non-tourist Jamaican life

Carleva Bay

For more information 

4 bedrooms/ 5 bathrooms Villas beachfront property
With a communal living and dining area
A outdoor study hall

The Community Experience

                                                   Combines work (“service”): 
  • At community sites (Yallahs Primary School, Yallahs High School, RADA (Rural Agriculture Development Authority) 
  • On projects of interest to you and community partners in Jamaica
  •  A few past projects: 
    • Painting library, Tutoring primary students, peer to peer collaboration, and Planting trees
  • With class Students will:
    • Reflect
    • read 
    • Unpack experiences
    • Learn

The Culture Experience

                           Visit historical sites and engage in Jamaican Culture
  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Devon House
  • Emancipation Park
  • Reach Falls
  • Learn local language (Patwan)
  • Local cuisine 

The Benefits

The amazing thing about service learning project abroad is that the experience is different for everyone. What you get out of an international exchange is unique to you:
  • Discover and develop personal strengths like self-reliance, resourcefulness and confidence
  • Gain a new, global perspective and gain a sense of social responsibility
  • Increase proficiency in another language
  • Meet remarkable people and build lifelong friendships
  • Build better decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Develop independence of thought and adaptability in dealing with the unexpected
  • Gain a real advantage on college applications



"Student journal Entries"

Sankofa Charter High School Student

"Jan 2019"

D Gregg 1/9/19

Today is Wednesday the 9th of January, I woke up nervous for no reason. I have been on a plane before and away from my mom a few times. It just takes my breath away when I leave my mom knowing her condition. During morning circle my mom said her final goodbye. I was a little bit emotional, but I do not like showing my sadness in front of my mom. We took lots of pictures today and even though I am not a picture person I still smiled because I was having a really good time. Me and my sister Jazmear hugged for the first time today in a while and it felt very good that we got a chance to put our differences to the side for each other. 

A difference I have experienced so far is when we walked through the airport, I am used to seeing elevators. In Jamaica we just walked and saw different people being pushed in chairs down the ramp. When we reached the outside and got on to the Yallahs school van, I noticed the drivers wheel was on the opposite side than I am used to in Philadelphia. I also noticed that they also drive on the opposite side of the street. I am so used to Philadelphia customs that I never realized that other parts of the world do different things. 

A valuable lesson I have learned today was that you can never be too organized. What I mean by this is that I am always the person who holds other people’s things because I am so organized. Today in the airport I misplaced my plane ticket. When we were doing our walks through the airport it was inside of my passport, but when it was time to board the plane it magically disappeared out of my pocket. In the future I will constantly remind myself of things, I will put important things in a well-defined area such as a front pocket or a purse or a backpack pocket. Overall today has been a pretty good day and I pray that tomorrow will be an even better one.

We ate authentic Jamaican cuisine, shopped and bargained in real Jamaican markets, attended and even sang along at a rousing Pentecostal church service, and hiked the Cunha Cunha pass where the Maroons evaded enslavement. Most importantly, what occurred between our group and the people of Saint Thomas was an exchange - a bridge between cultures - rather than the often exploitative transactions that occur between tourists and underpaid, overworked staff at resorts. I left Jamaica feeling good about the work we were able to accomplish, and full of hope about the possibilities of Edu-tourism in the future"


Becky Fisher,  West Chester University, Pennsylvania

Sankofa Charter High School Student

Jan 2019

C Abdullah
January 17,2019

Dear Journal,

It is day 9 and it is our last night in Jamaica. This is my final reflection for this bittersweet journey. There are so many new people we encountered who we are very appreciative of for their help. The things we did on this trip are things I never have predicted myself doing. For example, jumping through a waterfall to climb a cave. I was so proud of myself for pulling through with that. This trip made me step out of my comfort zone and conquer my fears. It allowed me to pursue the world beyond Sankofa. I truly appreciate the sacrifices that were made but also, that Sankofa gives us the opportunity to experience trips like this.

What I will be leaving behind is my judgement of Jamaica and it’s people. They are not murderers and criminals. They are ordinary people just like us who are struggling at times just like us.Before this trip I thought of them as wild killers, drug dealers, and kidnappers based on single stories that were based on stereotypes and media portrayals. Our lifestyles and cultures are similar in some ways. I will also be leaving behind single stories [as outlined by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie here:…/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_si…]. You should definitely come to Jamaica and get the full experience of this beautiful island. Do not judge a group until you better understand their lifestyle and culture. Stop allowing yourself to go off a single experience and actually experience things for yourself.

What I will be taking with me is a new mindset. I had a wonderful opportunity to experience Jamaica with my own eyes. I know their history, lifestyle, and culture. This is a beautiful, historic, and peaceful island. I will definitely bring back with me stories and memories. I have so many. Starting with our service at Yallahs Primary School. Where we got to leave our beauty mark in their play field, on their students, and in their newly painted library. Jumping through the waterfall at Reach Falls. Endless games of UNO, Taboo, Speed, and Connect Four. Fast and Furious road trips with Mr. Clark. Random dancing with Bro Isa and so much more. Since my family and friends didn’t get to experience this trip with me. I will be bringing with me gifts from Jamaica. I thank Mr. Keith, Ms.J, Michael, and Mr.Clark for welcoming us with open arms. This has been a wonderful experience, but I am ready to go home now.

My trip to Jamaica with Edu-Tourism was unforgettable for so many reasons.  First, the friends I made during the trip with Edu-Tourism are like family now.  It's like old times when and wherever we meet.  The entire trip was just one great cultural experience.  From the city to the

countryside, from the mountains to the seashore, the experience was mesmerizing.  My favored unforgettable experience included the day-long hike, led by our guide Shagy, over the Blue Mountains to visit the Maroons, the time we spent in Bowden Pen getting to know them, and of course the hike back.  However, singing in the classrooms with the children brings smiles to my face as I fondly recall the school visits.  Thanks for the memories. 



Jamal Benin, Temple University

"The experience is much more than we expected. This is real Jamaica. It was GREAT!!!!  We learned so much from the culture and the people. So friendly and helpful. I will encourage students from my university to come here.


Ursula Christina Kufleitner, graduate student, Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt, Austria

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